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Creative call : our TWG is in search of its logo

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Creative call : our TWG is in search of its logo

Some of you may have noticed: our TWG is still in search of a logo! You are invited to submit proposals (including a brief explanation) through this forum. If you have difficulties uploading your proposal to the forum, you may submit it by email to [email protected] or [email protected]. The deadline is Dec 10. After that, we will invite everyone to vote for the best logo!

A few criteria to keep in mind:

  1. The logo obviously needs to fit the topic of our group, i.e. young/new/emerging evaluators
  2. It needs to be a simple black-and-white logo, similar to the logos of other EES TWGs, which you can find here: (You have to click on the sub-sites of individual TWGs to see their logos.)
  3. Respect copyrights.

We look forward to your proposals!

Albine & Julia

(TWG Co-Leaders)

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First of all, I would like to congratulate the EES for this initiative. I'm an "emerging evaluator" and when I got to know about this group one of the things I liked the most was that it made me feel more supported. I definitely believe that discussing ideas with other emerging peers is a strong mean to empower us.

I'm not a designer, however as soon as I read this message, got a couple of ideas regarding the concept of the logo. In order to share them with you, I’m attaching a pdf.

Good luck!



Mariana Branco 

[email protected]

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Creative call: our TWG in search of its logo

Hi all,

Thank you so much for your great logo’s proposals.

And welcome on the forum !

Let’s wait for more contributions – until the 10th of december - and in the meanwhile, we also had a bunch of suggestions, so we add them to the one you’ve made.

All the best

Julia & Albine

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Hi everyone,

Hi everyone,

First of all, congrats to Julia & Albine for taking the initiative of creating the TWG! I met several interesting emerging evaluators in Dublin and i'm sure this group will be a success in Maastricht.

While i liked the other suggestions, particularly Mariana's seed idea, i would suggest yet another possibility: for me, some of the most valuable contributions one emerging evaluator may give to the field are new ideas, innovation, irreverence, etc. And if ideas were always represented by light bulbs, we do it slightly different: we want them to be energy efficient. :)



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Time to choose for the logo!

Hi all,

Once again, thank you very much for participating and sending us your logo proposals. It's great, we have plenty of options!

We now have to choose which logo will represent us.

You are all invited to vote for the best at:

So don't hesitate to participate to the vote, even if you are just joining us!

Julia & Albine

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Here is our logo!

Dear all,

We wish you an Happy New Year and a very good Eval Year 2015!

To start this year, we are glad to announce that we have found our logo for the TWG! You will find it attached to this email, and soon on the website and on all our communication documents.

We would like to thank you all for your interest and participation, and give a special thanks to Mariana whose logo has been selected.

Looking forward to further exchanges on the TWG projects, our projects or yours.

All the best

Albine & Julia

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Great choice, congratulations

Great choice, congratulations Mariana!

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I'm gonna look around ^^

I'm gonna look around ^^

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