Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of Luxembourg, Directorate for Development Cooperation, Luxembourg

The Directorate for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs is responsible for the following major areas:

  • development cooperation and humanitarian action policy;
  • management of mandataries for bilateral projects and programmes;
  • relations with non-governmental organisations;
  • relations with multilateral development and humanitarian organisations;
  • Interministerial Committee for Development Cooperation.

The Directorate for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs consists of a director and two deputy directors who coordinate and lead the activities of the various departments of the Directorate:

  • Administration and Finances Department
  • Evaluation and Quality Control Department
  • Programmes Service
    • Bilateral Cooperation
    • Regional Cooperation
    • Multilateral Cooperation
    • Cooperation with non-governmental organisations (NGOs)
    • Humanitarian Affairs
    • Inclusive finance / private sector
    • Communication
  • Interministerial Committee for Development Cooperation
  • Minister Romain Schneider’s office
Contact Details: 


Address:              6, Rue de la Congrégation

                                L-1352 Luxembourg     


Phone:                  +352 24782438