Ramboll Management Consulting

1. Ramboll Management Consulting

Founded in 1968 Ramboll Management Consulting is a management consultancy company specialized in public sector development.

450 experts are based in offices in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, and Sweden. We offer services within evaluation, research, management, HRD, and IT consulting.

As part of the company's ambition to become a European wide provider of evaluation services Ramboll Management Consulting merged with the Finnish Net Effect OY and thus adding significantly to our expertise and coverage in the field of evaluation.

2.    Evaluation Capabilities

Ramboll Management Consulting is one of Europe's largest providers of independent evaluations. Annually, we carry out approximately 300 evaluations for national, regional, and local governments, foundations, the European Commission and European Parliament.

About 200 experts are primarily engaged in evaluation projects. To ensure consistent quality throughout the organization we have developed an Evaluation Capability Development Program. The program ensures that experts are trained rigorously in evaluation methodology and consultancy. The program consists of three certified tiers of expertise: evaluation practitioners, evaluation experts, and thought leaders. To become certified experts must meet a number of criteria. The certification is administered by one of the company's deputy directors.

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3.    Evaluation standards

As a multinational evaluator and a member of several evaluation societies Ramboll adheres international evaluation standards, for example the DeGeval and the European Commission. In order to make these standards operational Ramboll Management Consulting has developed a Program Evaluation Quality Assessment Tool designed to ensure quality criteria are met in each phase of an evaluation project.

4.    Affiliations

Ramboll Management Consulting is an institutional member of the Danish Evaluation SocietyFinnish Evaluation SocietyGerman Evaluation SocietyNorwegian Evaluation SocietySwedish Evaluation Society, and the European Evaluation Society. Our consultants also hold individual membership in the American Evaluation Association and the Canadian Evaluation Society.

5.    Thought leadership

Ramboll Management Consulting has taken an active role in promoting the role of evaluation in Europe and encourages our evaluation experts to take an active part in the global evaluation community:

  • Net Effect OY (now part on Ramboll Management Consulting) were founding members of the Finnish Evaluation Society
  • Ramboll Management Consulting was one of the founding members of the Danish Evaluation Society. Several consultants have served as Board Member
  • Ramboll Management Consulting serves on the Board of the European Evaluation Society
  • Two of our experts are part of the INTEVAL network

Further we seek to actively contribute to the evaluation knowledge base through:

6.    Ownership

Ramboll Management Consulting is owned by Ramboll, one of Europe's largest multidisciplinary engineering, design and consultancy companies with 9000 employees. Ramboll is owned by the Ramboll Foundation.

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