TWG 6 - Task Team on EES Future Role and Focus

TWG 6 - Task Team on EES Future Role and Focus


The purpose of the Task Team is to compile guidance through engagement and consultation of EES membership for future role and focus of EES. The Task Team will work from December 2016 to May 2017 to generate inputs through consultation and
- Should the EES be a discussion forum or a service provider? Or something else?
- What value does the engagement of EES membership to guide EES future work.

Issues to be covered include:

EES role:
EES add? What gap does the EES fill? What does someone else not do better?
- How can EES enhance the involvement of its membership? What levels and forms of interaction are wanted/most effective and serve best the needs of EES and its members?

EES focus:
- feedback on strengths and weaknesses of on-going EES role and focus (based on a description of on-going work)
-proposals for improving existing and / or developing new activities and services that would serve the EES membership

EES resources now, and new potential:
- EES members
- new election process (e.g. based on project proposals) - members’ networks
- EES board
- Thematic Working Groups
- EES Secretariat
- money

The Task team will deliver a report that will be presented and discussed in a webinar presentation
The results of the process will be a resource for the EES board in strategic planning.

Working modalities:

The role of the Task Team is to facilitate. The Task Team will manage a consultative process engaging the EES membership. Virtual means of consultation will be used (webinars, discussion fora).

TWG Leader: 
Riitta Oksanen
Julia Brümmer
Weronica Felcis

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