EES Interactive

How to be a part of the Blogs/Forums on the EES website and be able to participate actively!

EES encourages all website visitors to exchange views, seek advice or engage critically with one another using the blog/discussion feature of  the new website. If you wish to contribute, please make sure you are logged in either as EES member or EES contributor

How to become an EES contributor?

If your are not an EES member and wish to become an EES contributor, please click here to complete a simple registration form with your email address, user name and password to be allowed to participate actively. Every time when you enter the EES website you need to be signed in as the EES contributor for an active participation. The EES members are kindly asked to use their login details to login.

Moreover you can subscribe to the alert messages to the discussion forum or blog you are interested in. These messages will keep you in a loop when new contribution is made and a new comment is added.

How to subscribe to alert messages?

Step 1 Log in with your credentials to EES website (either as EES Contributor or EES members)

Step 2 Select the „Subscription“ bookmark.

Step 3 Select in the „Subscription“ section the bookmark Forums/Blogs. And select any Forum/Blog you are interested in and you wish to be notified on its newest activities. You can select as many as you wish and click „save“.  

We look forward to a fulsome debate and discussions. For queries or more information please contact EES Secretariat.