EvalYear 2015

For the first time ever, on December 19 2014, a stand alone UN Resolution on national evaluation capacity development was adopted by the 2nd Committee of the United Nations General Assembly. The Resolution acknowledges 2015 as the International Year of Evaluation and asks each member country to take two landmark steps: (1) strengthen its capacity to conduct evaluations, in accordance with its national policies and priorities and (2) to report back to the UN in 2016 on the progress it has made. 

EES had formally endorsed EvalYear 2015 at its 11th Biennial Conference in Dublin in October 2014 following Marco Segone's inspiring keynote address. The UN Resolution was sponsored by Fiji and co-sponsored by 40+ countries including 26 European countries (Ukraine, Estonia, Switzerland, Croatia, Sweden, Ireland, Slovakia, France, Serbia, Cyprus, Italy, Poland, Spain, UK, Norway, Iceland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Malta and Portugal).  

EES urge all its members to participate in this global initiative and to advocate evaluation capacity building in Europe and beyond. The historic UN Resolution is emblematic of the ascent of evaluation across borders and it signals an exciting post 2015 era for evaluation globally. The initiative will energize national/ regional evaluation associations, development partners, parliamentarians, civil society and government representatives to prepare for and celebrate 2015 as the International Year of Evaluation and to use the visibility brought to the evaluation discipline by the Resolution in order to strengthen evaluation governance and cultures around the world.

Online map

Click this link to view the crowdmap with the overview of the sub national, national or international events held during the EvalYear 2015.  


Date, September 2015

In partnership with The Centre for Development Impact and as part of the International Year of Evaluation 2015 a Conference on New frontiers of evaluation in an era of of market-oriented development took place at Wilton Park on July 20-22, 2015. It brought together evaluators, civil servants, NGO representatives, academics and private sector actors. It provided an opportunity to identify good impact evaluation practices for market-oriented development initiatives.

Riitta Oksanen, EES Vice President, and Bob Picciotto, EES board member attended the event. To access the Conference report please click:  https://www.wiltonpark.org.uk/conference/wp1411/.

Date, May 2015

Marco Segone and Natalia Kosheleva, EvalPartners co-chairs

Dear colleagues,

We are glad to inform you that so far 44 events have been planned all over the world to celebrate 2015 International Year of Evaluation passing over the Evaluation Torch (pls click here to see the full list). Events are being organized by Governments, Voluntary Organizations for Professional Evaluation (VOPEs), Civil Society Organizations, Universities, UN agencies and multilateral banks. Hundreds and hundreds of people, from young evaluators to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon; from representatives of emerging VOPEs to the Indian Minister of Planning, Egyptian Minister of Social Solidarity and the New Zealand Minister of Finance, are joining this truly global movement.

If your organization is planning a relevant event, please get in contact with Asela Kalugampitiya[email protected]  (copied in this message). 2015 International Year of Evaluation will culminate in the Global Evaluation Week in November 2015 to be organized by EvalPartners, under the leadership of IOCE and UN Women, where the global community will  gather together to launch the 2016-2020 Global Evaluation Agenda, as well as new initiatives such as EvalGender, EvalYouth and EvalSDG.

Let’s make, all together, 2015 International Year of Evaluation a truly global movement that makes the difference!

Best regards

Marco Segone and Natalia Kosheleva, EvalPartners co-chairs

Date, April 2015

Marco Segone, Director, Independent Evaluation OfficeUN Women

Dear colleagues,

I have the pleasure to inform you that the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon lit the Evaluation Torch to celebrate 2015 the International year of Evaluation in the context of the UNEG Evaluation Week.

Ban Ki-Moon said “ I welcome the designation of 2015 as the International Year of Evaluation -- the same year in which the United Nations marks its 70th anniversary and will take momentous decisions about our future prosperity, safety and well-being.

Evaluation everywhere, and at every level, will play a key role in implementing the new development agenda”. He also added “Evaluation is not easy. Nor is it popular. But it is essential.  The current constrained budgetary climate makes it more important than ever.

All of us share a responsibility to strengthen this important function.  I look forward to working with all of you to strengthen evaluation capacity so that it can play its rightful role in building lives of dignity for all.”

Evaluation in democratic governance

EvalYear is triggering a lot of debate about the role of evaluation in democratic governance. For a recent example please click: http://whatworksscotland.blogspot.co.uk/