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Gender approach in the field of evaluation

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Gender approach in the field of evaluation

Dear colleagues from the NESE,

we are writing you to request information about your work related to the inclusion of the gender approach in the field of evaluation. We are interested in this topic as we are writing an article about the objectives and goals defined by the transnational evaluation networks, and how they are working to achieve them.

In this sense, we have information that most of the evaluation networks and societies have some kind of thematic interest group focused on gender, which usually define some goals and objectives related to the importance of including a gender perspective in evaluation. Many of them have been doing some trainings for their members in order to build capacities in the area, that is, start including the gender approach in the evaluations done.

We would like to know about the results gotten in the actions taken by your association, specifically:

  • How the proposal about mainstreaming a gender approach in evaluation has been received by the evaluators? in other words, what was the response of the VOPE´s members to the trainings, panels, and workshops offered?
  • Did the evaluators have the possibility to apply the approach in their evaluations? How was that experience?
  • Are there any new challenges and/or objectives defined/to be defined based on the results of the actions taken up to now?
  • Can you identify any difficulties to keep moving towards achieving the objectives defined/to be defined related to mainstreaming the gender approach in evaluations?

All the information that you may share with us about this will be very helpful for our research. Please, feel free to forward this email to another persons in your organization who may be closer to this topic.

Best regards from Argentina,

Pablo and Alejandra

Pablo Rodríguez Bilella