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Join the debate on Private Sector Evaluation

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Join the debate on Private Sector Evaluation

Dear EES members,

The Special Issue of Connections which was published last week, is fully dedicated to Private Sector Evaluation ( All eight articles were authored by members of the Private Sector Thematic Working Group (PSTWG) of the Society. 

Equitable and sustainable development cannot be accomplished without involvement of the private sector. Accordingly development finance institutions are emphasizing interventions focused on private sector job creation, technological innovation, financial intermediation, and assistance to micro-, small- and medium enterprises. 

Learning from experience as well as accountability imperatives within these operational domains require independent and self-evaluation activities that address corporate responsibility issues, impact assessments, and verification of intended social effects. 

This Special Issue provides fresh insights regarding the assessment of development effectiveness in the private sector. The Private Sector TWG welcomes comments and invites all readers to join its ranks and enrich the debate on Private Sector Evaluation.

Best regards,

Fredrik Korfker
Leader of the Thematic Working Group on Private Sector Evaluation