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Membership Consultation

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Membership Consultation

What should the EES efforts be focused on?

What role should the EES assume to be most useful for its members?

What EES focus and role adds best value?

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The main remit of EES is to promote evaluation excellence and autonomy and protect evaluation practitioners’ interests in Europe and beyond. To do so it should work more closely with national evaluation societies and it should engage more vigorously with Europe-wide institutions.

EES is not resourced to provide a wide range of services to its members and while it is duty bound to continue its unique contributions to evaluation networking and knowledge dissemination through its biennial conference and the regular publication of Connections, it should give higher priority to evaluation professionalization initiatives.

This means designing and implementing a strategy to turn the Global Evaluation Agenda professionalization agenda (which EES was instrumental in framing) into reality: (i) creation of national and Europe wide codes of ethics and standards (ethical principles, standards, capabilities; (ii) gradual promotion of evaluator qualification (peer review, mentoring, designation); and (iii) advocacy and support for increased access to high quality tertiary education and training opportunities for evaluators. This may require the set-up of several TWGs.