NESE-EES collaboration

EvalPartners/IOCE Peer – to – Peer (P2P) Support Program

A grant of $5,000 managed by the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE) was approved early June 2013 to fund enhanced collaboration between the European Evaluation Society and the Network of Evaluation Societies in Europe by providing opportunities for a deeper, more structured and more integrated interaction aimed specifically at the following goals:

  • The harmonization of national strategies to increase membership: the European Evaluation Society can act as a coordinator of initiatives that facilitate multiple membership of evaluation societies and multiple participation to events organized by the societies.
  • The harmonization of tools used by the national societies to collect data on their membership (e.g. registration forms). This will allow unbiased comparison between countries and open up opportunities for further exchange based on reliable datasets, including providing shared access to events, webinars, seminars or summer schools.
  • Integrating website tools: the European Evaluation Society is currently restructuring its website, transforming it into a tool that allows seamless interaction between different typologies of members (regular members, TWG members, board members, news editor, bloggers, guest bloggers, etc.). An opportunity arises to allow national societies to have their own space on the EES website and use it as a common platform to share ideas and information about new initiatives with their members, EES and the wider evaluation community. 
  • Exploring common strategies and opportunities to co-organize events and take part in other collaborative initiatives for the International Year of Evaluation in 2015
  • Coordinating the dates of the national evaluation conferences so that members can participate in multiple conferences

The work will take place between now and the end of January 2014.

An EES-NESE workshop was held on 23 and 24 January 2014 in Warsaw, Poland. Meeting minutes and materials for download will be available in the NESE members only area soon.