A live case study webinar: Collective Impact with New Sun Rising

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Date(s) - 14/10/2020


Can You Scale Social Change with Collective Impact?

The challenge for systemic social change isn’t the lack of talent or inventive solutions to society’s pressing issues. Instead, it’s the missed chances, relationships, and opportunities that lack nurturing at the local level. To reach the full potential of equitable growth, it is crucial to building from the bottom up and inside out while scaling up successful models.

Communities and sectors with plans to overcome these challenges through collective impact can turn them into competitive advantages.

Join us in an inspirational conversation with
Scott Wolovich, Executive Director, New Sun Rising

New Sun Rising is a Social Impact Accelerator that strengthens capacity and makes funding accessible to changemakers. They play the role of an educator, resource provider, connector, and activator of the neighborhood and regional-scale innovation. Their focus is on disinvested communities throughout the Pittsburgh region and how regenerative growth strategies can promote equitable development.


1) Collecting stakeholder insight to lead and benefit from a change

2) Aligning outcomes and resources in the collective impact ecosystem

3) Analyzing progress through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

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