Conduction of Mid-term evaluation of EU GAIA project

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Date(s) - 21/09/2021
All Day


The Austrian Development Agency (ADA), in the framework of its EU Green Agriculture Initiative in Armenia (EU GAIA) project, intends to conclude a service contract with an external service provider for Conduction of Mid-term evaluation of EU GAIA project.

The services to be performed and the results/outputs to be achieved under this service contract are summarized in the attached Terms of Reference.

Should you be interested in this task, please fill in the attached Declaration of Honour – Procurement and Grants and provide us with your technical and financial offer (in English language at the latest until 21 September 2021 by 18:00 local Yerevan time), containing the following information:

  1. Letter of interest, stating why you consider being suitable for the assignment
  2. Technical offer of max. 8 pages, including
  • Understanding of the assignment
  • Presentation of the overall approach and including appropriate measures for stakeholder / beneficiary participation (health, safety considerations).
  • Work plan, including estimated working days per expert, including local experts
  1. CVs of members of the evaluation team
  • Financial offer[1]
  • Fees per expert incl. estimated number of working days
  • Travel expenses
  • Other expenses
  • Indicate whether VAT applies, and if so which rate
  1. Work references (fact sheet) i.e. companies for whom you’ve produced similar assignments
  2. Extract from the Register of Companies (not older than three months) or equivalent certificate issued by a court or an administrative authority of the firm´s country of origin

 Processing of personal data

During initiation and performance of contracts, ADA may process personal data of natural persons that are collected by ADA or transferred or disclosed to ADA by prospective contractors or third parties under their instruction, e.g., personal data of employees, legal representatives, agents or other partners of the prospective contractors or such third parties.

By submitting information to ADA, you, as a prospective contractor, acknowledge:

  • to have taken note of ADA’s Privacy Notice (’ADA Privacy Notice’);
  • to ensure that each direct or indirect transfer or disclosure of personal data to ADA during the initiation or performance of a contract is lawful pursuant to applicable data protection law;
  • to ensure that all persons, whose personal data are transferred or disclosed to ADA, were promptly and demonstrably provided the ADA Privacy Notice; and
  • that if a contract is concluded and in accordance with its terms, ADA publishes, in particular on the ADA website, information about the contract and the contracting parties.

We would like to underline that this is not an invitation to participate in the framework of a formal tender procedure. The submission of the offer does not constitute any grounds for a legal claim towards the Austrian Development Agency regarding the conclusion of a contract

If you are not interested or this time not in a position to offer the services in the time frame needed – we would kindly ask you to inform us accordingly to enable us moving ahead in the process.

[1]     ADA will score the bids based on the technical offer (70%) and financial offer (30%).