Integrity Action research findings: sustainability in social accountability

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Date(s) - 09/03/2021
All Day


Feedback that works: key findings of Integrity Action’s research on sustaining the impact of citizen centred accountability mechanisms

About this Event

Every year, organisations and governments establish new ways – and sometimes tried and tested ways – of encouraging citizens to feedback on the services they are entitled to and ultimately hold them to account.

But whether it’s social audits, citizen monitoring, or something else, what are the different ways to sustain impact from these “citizen centred accountability” (CCA) mechanisms? Does sustainability mean we keep the mechanisms going for as long as possible? If so, what are the most promising strategies for doing this?

Integrity Action has been researching these questions over the last year, through interviews with practitioners, experts and academics, a literature review, and an online brainstorm. We will be sharing the key findings and showcasing examples in this online event.

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