Modes of Thinking(in) Complexity: Key challenges for theory, research and practice

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Date(s) - 22/10/2021
All Day


The event  “Modes of Thinking(in) Complexity: Key challenges for theory, research and practice” will take place, online, on the 22nd of October, as a Satellite Meeting of the Conference on Complex Systems 2021.

This Satellite Meeting takes the form of a whole-day online inter/transdisciplinary workshop aiming to stimulate the discussion and the collaborative co-construction of new ideas about the nature and state of development of the modes of thinking in and for Complexity Studies and practice (e.g. interventions) dealing with the challenges of Complexity. 

A variety of methodologies will be used to support shared reflections and the integration and co-construction of new ideas, aiming to identify the key challenges and questions that call to be addressed. It will focus the discussion on the identification of key theoretical, empirical, methodological, technical and practical challenges and/or ways of addressing them towards developing more complex modes of thinking (in) complexity.

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