Core functions
EES strategic management and outreach Treasurer Secretary General and Secretariat Partnerships Fundraising Website and social media Communications Marketing Strategy Thematic Working Groups
The President and the VP, with Past-President support’s in even years, set policy directions for EES; Timely and accurate accounting and auditing; Oversees all Secretariat activities.; Promotes effective relationships with EU, NESE, IOCE, Evalpartners; Search funding possibilities with EU; Designs, contracts and manages  innovative ways of interacting with members and promoting the evaluation discipline and the role of EES. Edits Connections, and promotes effective relationships with publishers; Promotion and advocacy for EES activities, EES flyers, Website use for marketing; Promotion of new TWGs and oversight of existing TWGs activities;
Design and oversee corporate strategy; Prudent financial management of EES and its conferences and events. Ensures that EES operates within its charter and that statutory reports and minutes of meetings are kept; IDEAS; Bursaries for evaluators from developing countries;   Oversees website updating and carries out quality assurance of communications to enhance the EES brand.

Participation in European or international events.

1 person to oversee and contact person for each group)
TWG Gender and Evaluation (KK)
TWG Sustainable develop. (DL)
TWG Private sector (BdL)
TWG Professionalization (WF)
TWG Emerging evaluators (JB, MB)
TWG Strategic planning (DL, BdL)

Promote evaluation and its influence;   Acts as custodian of  official documents and records. New evaluation Societies. Bursaries for European evaluators.      
Represent EES in major evaluation events and coordinate work of all BMs.     NESE/IOCE (WF)
Balkans (BdL)
Degeval (OWA, KK)
Approeval (MB)
EvalNet (BdL)
Bastiaan de Laat (BdL)/
Daniele Lamarque (DL)
Laura Fantini (LF) Karin Kohlweg (KK) Bastiaan de Laat (BdL)/
Weronika Felcis (WF)

Bastiaan de Laat

Laura Tagle (LT)/
Mariana Branco (MB)
Jos Vaessen (JV)/
Laura Tagle (LT)/
Mariana Branco (MB)

Bastiaan de Laat (BdL)/
Daniele Lamarque (DL)
Weronika Felcis (WF)