Thematic Working Groups (TWGs)

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Thematic Working Groups (TWGs)

TWGs are subgroups of the Society that bring together members who share common interests and wish to explore a special evaluation domain or topic. TWG members cooperate to promote knowledge creation and dissemination through debate, advocacy and the organization of special events. They are also involved in EES Conference design.

EES Presidential Statement

  • Evaluation in Europe has made great strides. It is now embedded in the governance of most national administrations as well as in the European Union. National, regional and global evaluation associations have multiplied and evaluators are increasingly working across national borders. In pursuit of these objectives and to help forge ever closer links among its members the European Evaluation Society (EES) launched the Thematic Working Group (TWG) initiative during the Tenth EES Biennial Conference in Helsinki (October 1-5, 2012).  Six TWGs have been set up since then. Many more will be needed in order to address the wide range of issues facing our discipline.
  • If you have not already done so you are invited to become a member of the Society, join a TWG and/or propose the creation of a new one. To become familiar with the TWG initiative and the Policy that governs it please click here. For general information on existing TWGs please click here. For joining individual TWGs or propose the creation of a new TWG please make sure you are an EES member in good standing.
  • I am confident that this new way of collaborating among individual and institutional members will deepen and broaden the reach of the Society and help to further improve the theory and practice of evaluation in Europe and beyond.

For any questions related to the TWG initiative please contact the President or Vice President of EES through the Secretariat at

Available Thematic Working Groups