Voluntary Evaluator Peer Review

What, exactly, is the VEPR?

  • An EES member service for evaluation practitioners of all kinds to take part in a structured, individually tailored process involving self-assessment and self-reflection around evaluator capabilities
  • An opportunity to engage in a supportive, non-judgmental process involving peer review with two experienced evaluators with relevant experience

You can read more about professionalisation goals and processes of the VEPR in the concept document.

What will you gain from undertaking a VEPR review?

  • Extensive, personalised professional development support from two senior evaluators with expertise relevant to you
  • A personalised professional development plan
  • 3-year listing on the EES website’s ‘VEPR Review Index’, publicly profiling your VEPR review completion
  • Opportunities for new collegial and professional mentoring relationships

“I highly appreciate the first chance ever to discuss my professionalism and fields of doubts in an open, but safe environment.”  Weronika Felcis (EES Board member)

“The ideas and inputs are not only helpful for me but can be taken into use by my unit. The VEPR is leading to both individual and institutional learning. How beneficial it is to share, work together – and also fun!” Ritta Oksanen (former EES President)

“I appreciated the good facilitation by the Lead Reviewer, the willingness of both reviewers to offer ideas from their own experience, and the general collegiality of the discussion.”  Pam Oliver (former Convenor, Aotearoa New Zealand Evaluation Association)

For more on how you can benefit from the VEPR, listen to former EES and UKES Board member, Professor Bob Picciotto, summarise the value of VEPR to both individual evalators and the evaluation profession, and read the VEPR Pilot Evaluation Report

How does VEPR work?

To undertake a VEPR review, an application is completed in which the applicant identifies two practice areas they wish to focus on through the review, to build particular skills and competencies. Two accredited peer reviewers are selected – one by the reviewee - who have experience relevant to the reviewee’s selected practice areas. A Lead Reviewer liaises with the reviewee to support their development of a ‘portfolio’  describing their selected practice issues, which are explored further in a 90-minute review meeting. A short report of the review is compiled by the reviewee and reviewers in collaboration, in which the reviewee constructs a personalised professional development plan. On completion of a satisfactory review, the reviewee’s name is listed in the VEPR Review Index. The reviewee is invited, optionally, to have their report attached to their listing on the VEPR website.

Who can apply?

The reviewee will:

  • Be a member of the EES
  • Have worked at least 3 years full-time equivalent in evaluation or evaluation-related activities
  • Have had significant involvement in a range of evaluation projects or activities
  • Have completed a relevant university qualification or equivalent professional development training.


The 75 euro fee covers direct administrative costs to the EES. The reviewers give their time gratis.

How to apply

We would welcome your VEPR review application here.

If you wish to contact any reviewee from the grid below, please ask the EES Secretariat  for contact details.

VEPR Index of Completed Reviews

Reviewee name Email contact Practice location/s Review report (optional)
2016 - 2017
Pam Oliver   New Zealand / Australia
Riitta Oksanen   Finland Report confidential
Weronika Felcis   Poland / Latvia
Dagmar Gombitovà   Slovakia
Markus Palenberg   Germany
William Faulkner   USA
Susanne Mattson   USA
Mads Teisen   Denmark
Juho Uusihakala   Finland
Najla Alduraihim   Saudi Arabia Report confidential
Krisjanis Veitners   Latvia
Angela  Wroblewski   Austria Report confidential
Laura Trofin   Romania
Barbara Schmidt   Ireland
Elizabeth Mwangi   Kenya
Sofia Avdeitchikova   Sweden
2018 - 2019
Florent Loiseau   France Report confidential
Monika Niziolek   Poland
Michaela Raab   Germany Report confidential
Steve Powell   UK Report confidential
Kate Winter    Austria & US