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EvalYouth, an EvalPartners initiative, was formed based on the Global Evaluation Agenda (2016-2020), known as the Eval2020 Agenda, which was developed and agreed upon during the Global Evaluation Week. Global Evaluation Week was held in Kathmandu, Nepal in November 2015, and was the culminating event during the International Year of Evaluation (EvalYear).

EvalYouth addresses the following challenges:

  • How can we increase national, regional, and international capacity to produce high-quality evaluations?
  • How can we advocate for and include youth and young people in the evaluation process?
  • To promote Young and Emerging Evaluators (YEE), including young women, to become competent, experienced and well-networked professionals who contribute to evaluation capacity at national, regional and international levels.
  • To promote the inclusion of Youth and Young People (YYP), including young women, in evaluations conducted at the national, regional and international levels.

EES’ TWG 5 “Emerging Evaluators” is currently working with EvalYouth, as well as IDEAS, on the P2P + Career Emerging Evaluators Initiative. It aims to boost emerging evaluators’ careers by promoting knowledge exchange through peer-to-peer advisory sessions, which focus on career advice, networking secrets, and technical tips.


EES also works with EvalYouth on the “Eval4Action” campaign.