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Reciprocal Agreement on Membership Discounts between the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) and the European Evaluation Society (EES)

A unique opportunity for EES members to take part in the Canadian evaluation community!

The two societies have reached an agreement on the reciprocal 25% membership fee discount. The reciprocal agreement with the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) on the membership disounts was approved by the EES Annual General Meeting on 13 December 2017.

The EES members who are based in the geographical teritory of EES can apply for the discounted individual membership fee in the Canadian Evaluation Society incl. all benefits (i.e. copies of the CJPE, reduced rates for CES Annual Conference, etc.) which are enjoying the CES members paying full membership fee. Please contact Canadian Evaluation Society for more information.

The CES members who are based in Canada and are CES members in good standing,can apply for the discounted EES individual membership enjoying the same benefits as the EES members paying full membership fee. The reduced rate of 25% on the individual membership fee can be secured by ticking the relevant box during the registration process, the discount will be automatically applied.


Important: You will need to evidence that you are presently a paid member of the CES.  This may be verified at any time.