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23-27 Sep 2024
The 15th European Evaluation Biennial Conference – Better Together 2024: Collaborative Thought and Action for Better Evaluation – Registration now open!
15-15 Mar 2024
Call for Workshop Proposals - 15th EES Biennial Conference 2024 - deadline extended!!
14-16 Nov 2023
EES 2023 Autumn online event 'Alternative Futures: What role for evaluation in a just transition?
27-27 Feb 2023
In Search for a Golden Mean for Systemic Evaluation Virtual Event
15-15 Apr 2021
EES Webinar Series: Emerging Data Landscapes in M&E Getting Practical with Text Mining in Evaluation: How To Make Sense of Project Information
10-11 Feb 2021
Quality of Life as an Evaluation Criterion
18-19 Jan 2021
EES Webinar Series: Evaluation in Turbulent Times: Navigating the Evolving Big Data Ecosystem
17-17 Dec 2020
EES Webinar Series: Transforming Evaluation Evaluation for the Good Anthropocene
28-28 Jul 2020
EES Webinar Series: Emerging Data Landscapes in M&E Webinar Series: Geospatial, location and big data: Where have we been and where can we go?
28-28 Oct 2015
Evaluating the Sustainable Development Goals - New Challenges for Research, Policy and Business
30-30 Sep 2015
Making effective use of evaluations in an increasingly complex world/Pour une meilleure utilisation des évaluations dans un monde de plus en plus complexe
19-19 Sep 2015
1st Virtual Conference for Emerging Evaluators "The future of evaluation for the future"
17-17 Sep 2015
SAYFES – Nordic – EES seminar: The Future of Evalution, A Global Perspective … from a Nordic Lens
10-10 Apr 2013
2013 EES Seminar - Evaluation in Democracy: ‘Public Hearing‘ at the European Parliament
2-2 Dec 2011
2011 EES Seminar - The vision and logic of evaluation
18-18 Oct 2007
EES Symposium: Evaluation in the Knowledge Society