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This year UNDP and The European Evaluation Society are looking forward to supporting the engagement of Young and Emerging Evaluators (YEE) throughout our National Evaluation Capacity Conference. More specific

aim at the following objectives:

– Highlight the importance of special support to emerging evaluators to ensure future SDG evaluation capacity.
– Raise awareness of already existing activities, such as the EES EE-activities.
– Explore what government officials are already doing to integrate new generations when commissioning and managing evaluation.
– Understand their difficulties and how we can help them do more.

To attain these goals we are planning for a group of informal gatherings and pop-up sessions that will promote debates among YEE and ignite their participation.

We encourage all emerging evaluators who want to participate and senior evaluators who are interested in supporting these activities to contact us providing your contact information.

Wondering if you fit the profile? We consider Young and Emerging Evaluators:

– Evaluators under age of 35 years, OR
– Evaluators who have less than 5 years of professional experience, OR
– Current university students who are training to become evaluators, OR
– Recent university graduates who are interested in joining the evaluation profession, OR
– Development professionals who have technical knowledge related to evaluation and are willing to become professional evaluators.

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