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Ananda S Millard has a PhD in Post Conflict Reconstruction, an MA in Conflict Analysis and an MSC in Environmental Management, as well as 22 years of experience in research, evaluation, capacity development, and policy analysis in the development and humanitarian sectors. Her work centres around conflict, crisis-affected, and fragile states, and she has worked extensively in Latin America, Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. Ananda uses her multidisciplinary background combining social science and environmental management to work on a diverse range of issues that include human rights including specifically issues on children and gender; good governance and anti-corruption; education and health; post conflict reconstruction,  armed and GB violence and security, food security, subsistence economies, and climate change. Her combined social and environmental science background facilitates a wide angle view of context and interventions and allow for a much broader and nuanced understanding of development and humanitarian assistance. Principally she engages in assignments that require the identification of innivative and robust methodological approaches and tools. Since 2010, her principal focus has been on monitoring, evaluation, and learning assignments for governments, international agencies, and NGOs, including project-, programme-, and policy-focused endeavours.  She is a founding member of Policy Research Institute, Sarl (a Swiss based organization) and a Shareholding partner with Nordic Consulting Group, Norway.