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Date(s) - 26/04/2021


Comic Relief is seeking for a consultant(s) to conduct the final evaluation of the UK #iwill Youth Social Action Fund, a programme co-funded with the #iwill Fund.

Comic Relief partnered with the #iwill Fund in 2017 to create a £2.4 million fund to provide opportunities for young people to participate in social action. The #iwill Youth Social Action Fund was co-produced with young people, championing peer to peer engagement and the importance of trust building. This initiative aimed to fund projects to encourage those from lower socio-economic communities to participate in and lead youth social action.

Comic Relief is looking for participatory evaluation approaches which involve young people in talking about their experiences of engaging with the programme and help them understand the impact of their experiences.

Please see the ToR for more details. All proposals must be received by Monday 26 April 2021.

April 2021 TOR Comic Relief Final Evaluation of the #iwill Programme