A Member of the Regulatory Scrutiny Board at grade AD14 (Principal Adviser)

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Date(s) - 05/01/2023


Regulatory Scrutiny Board


The Commission wishes to establish a shortlist of suitable candidates to take up duties as one of the external Members of the Regulatory Scrutiny Board as posts fall vacant. The specific duties are to:

• Assess the quality of submitted reports on evaluations and fitness checks of existing policies and impact assessments prepared in support of new political initiatives of the Commission;
• Contribute to the preparation of opinions on submitted impact assessment, evaluation and fitness check reports and recommendations on how they should be improved;
• Under the guidance of the chairperson, offer advice to individual Commission services regarding the application and interpretation of the relevant guidelines in particularly challenging assessments/evaluations and on methodological issues, where relevant.

Invitation to tender

Closing Date: 5 January 2023