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Date(s) - 16/05/2024 - 19/05/2024


The Berlin Forum on Folklore Diplomacy 2024 will take place in Berlin from May 16 – 19th, 2024 and will focus on the potential for Culture & Folklore Diplomacy to serve as powerful vehicles of cultural diplomacy within and between nations. The Forum will examine examples of Culture & Folklore Diplomacy and explore potential future applications of Culture & Folklore Diplomacy on international relations. The forum will bring together renowned figures from international politics, art and academia to speak to an interdisciplinary audience including diplomatic and political representatives, young professionals, scholars and academics.

Folklore – The term folklore was coined by the English researcher William John Thoms in 1846, when he founded the field of folklore as an academic field. Folklore deals with the transmission of folk traditions in diverse forms such as customs, music, dance, cultural foods, poetry, clothing, art, folk tales, language, and the like. Folklore developed at the same time as the nation states, industrialization and modernization. The development of nationalities comes together with developments in folk identity and folk tales.