Call for proposals: A Landscape Study of Support for Social and Green Entrepreneurs

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Date(s) - 03/02/2021


The maximum budget for this consultancy is US$ 38,000Worldwide
YBI is seeking a Consultant/ Consultancy Team to conduct research into the needs of social and green entrepreneurs and the various approaches, tools, and methods to support them.


At YBI we believe that young people are the entrepreneurs that will shape the future: reinventing business, bringing new ideas to market, and strengthening communities. They will build and grow the businesses that will address and solve some of the greatest challenges of our times—driving a more inclusive and sustainable future.
Social and green entrepreneurship across the globe is growing rapidly in size, scope and support, and we know that this is an entrepreneurial path that many young people will pursue. We recognize that these entrepreneurs will require specialized support to develop key elements of their business model and grow their businesses.

We are seeking a Consultant/ Consultancy Team to conduct research into the needs of social and green entrepreneurs and the various approaches, tools, and methods to support them. This research is to help us gauge what good practice looks like (as well as to learn what has not worked). Through this research we are hoping to learn about the leading practitioners, methods, and ecosystems that are emerging for social and green entrepreneurs and their contribution to the green economy. This will be formative research to help us develop approaches to support green and social entrepreneurs through our network.

Aim and Objectives

The overall aim of this consultancy is to provide a global landscape of social and green entrepreneurship programming and identify effective models and approaches to supporting social and green entrepreneurs.

Specific objectives are to:

*   Inventory the landscape of different approaches, methodologies and support specifically tailored to social and green entrepreneurs.
*   Identify the most effective models and approaches providing evidence or a rationale as to why.
*   Capture learning about what models and approaches have not worked or need refining.
*   Provide insights into the ancillary services and supporting ecosystem activities that enable green and social entrepreneurs to succeed.
*   Provide practical recommendations for YBI with a roadmap for specialized support for social and green entrepreneurs, as well as the elements needed for us to design a working theory of change and indicators for this segment of entrepreneurs.

This work should culminate in a report (30 pages max) and an accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

Activities and Timeline

This work would kick off on February 15, 2021 and all final deliverables must be completed by May 5, 2021. Please view the Terms of Reference<> for an indicative timeline and key activities.

Consultant Requirements

The Consultant/ Consultancy Team should possess:

*   Demonstrable knowledge of green and social entrepreneurship across multiple geographies (including emerging/frontier markets)
*   Understanding of entrepreneurial support organisations and the variety of interventions to support start-ups and existing businesses
*   Connections to leading organisations and thought leaders in green and social entrepreneurship
*   Strong research skills and experience with developing landscaping and mapping studies through desk research and interviews

Submission of Proposals

Proposals must be submitted in English to<> by 9.00 am (GMT) on 3rd February 2021.

Proposals must include:

*   CV (max two pages) for each consultant involved;
*   Two examples of comparable work;
*   Technical proposal (max five pages) including: understanding of the work to be completed; methodology; detailed work plan with timeline;
*   Financial proposal separating out fees and any expenses; and
*   3 professional references.
*   Proposals will be reviewed by YBI’s Network Team, and the process may include a short phone call or interview.