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Date(s) - 27/06/2024


Council of Europe


Contract Value: Lump Sum/Partial payments

Anticipated dates of Project: 01/09/2024-31/12/2027

The Council of Europe evaluation system includes evaluations managed by DIO-ED using internal capacities and expertise and/or external consultants, and evaluations managed by other administrative entities conducted by external evaluators. Objects of evaluations can include major Council of Europe programmes, strategies and areas of work or specific co-operation projects.

Through this framework contract, the Council of Europe will engage providers for the conduct of evaluations, as well as evaluation specialists to serve as evaluation team leaders; evaluation team members, including senior and junior evaluators, researchers and data-analysts, or to provide quality assurance of evaluation products and other evaluation related expertise and advice.

The Council of Europe is looking for maximum of 60 (sixty) Providers (provided enough tenders meet the criteria indicated below) in order to support the evaluation function with a particular expertise in one or more of the following areas:

1. Evaluation norms, standards, process, methodology and approaches;
2. Data collection and analysis;
3. Drafting of evaluation reports;
4. Quality assurance of evaluation processes and deliverables;
5. Evaluation capacity building and trainings;
6. Evaluability assessments;
7. Monitoring and evaluation frameworks
8. Evaluation in international organisations and/or public sector in international context;
9. Evaluation of normative work and of technical co-operation;
10. Thematic expertise in the areas in which the Council of Europe operates;
11. Thematic expertise in human rights and gender equality.

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Closing Date: 27 June 2024