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Date(s) - 31/08/2023


Fairtrade International

Closing Date: 31st August 2023
Contract Value: 45.000€ incl. 19% VAT
Anticipated Dates of Project: 15th September 2023 – 28th February 2024

The overarching question of this part of the assignment is: What does the current Fairtrade CCA landscape look like (based on POs climate change adaption plans and measures)?
The objective of this study is twofold, which is also reflected in two parts of the study.
i. One objective is to help gather internal data and conduct a systematization / portfolio analysis of the existing climate change adaptation plans and measures currently present at PO-level in the Fairtrade system (across all regions and products). This will include a classification and systematization of the different adaptation measures into clusters and a descriptive analysis of the CCA plans and measures across the entire Fairtrade system (e.g. disaggregated by region, product or PO setting, share of plans already implemented, share of measures that are implemented under umbrella of CCA plans or implemented on their own).
ii. The second objective and bigger share of the assignment is to assess the instrument of CCA plans and activities and their implementation status and challenges. This will be guided by research questions along the OECD-DAC criteria set out in the next chapter of the ToR.

As Fairtrade recognizes that producers need additional support and funding to effectively deal with the multi-faceted effects of climate change, Fairtrade is supporting POs to develop climate change adaptation/action plans (among other things). Fairtrade producer networks are coordinating and supporting POs in this.Over the last years around 500 climate change adaptation plans/measures have been developed by POs, with the support of the Fairtrade Producer Networks (regional overview exists).
Developing such plans is a mandatory Core Year 1 criterion in the current coffee standard.
In the generic SPO-Standard, climate adaptation measures are recognized as core Year 3 criteria. The HL Standard does not yet reflect this topic in the criteria. Hence, for other POs than covered by the climate change related core criteria above, the consultants would need to identify with the help of the PNs where there are climate change action plans (has been started in the runup for this consultancy).
These climate change adaption plans and the specific measures suggested in them (and possibly beyond), are the object of this study.

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