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Date(s) - 10/02/2023


The Center for Reproductive Rights


Contract Type: Part-time consultancy

Location: No preference but requires availability to work in EST, CET, and EAT time zones

We are seeking an experienced consultant to serve as an advisor to support us in taking forward the next phase of our ME&L system development, including support to determining our optimum method mix for capturing and analyzing outcomes and results from our work. Specifically, the team has been piloting Outcome Harvesting as one method and we require the selected consultant to have experience with this methodology so they can review our process and results captured to date and make recommendations for analysis and next steps for integrating Outcome Harvesting into a more comprehensive ME&L system. The ideal candidate will also have experience with a range of qualitative methods and serve as a thought partner to the ME&L Unit on what approaches would best fit our needs for impact evaluation and reporting as well as for linking into strategy development.

In addition to the specific support on Outcome Harvesting, other deliverables will be determined by the skill set and experience of the preferred consultant, who will work closely with the ME&L Unit. Examples of areas we are seeking advice on: implementing Outcome Harvesting as a monitoring and evaluation tool in a global organization; complementary methods that will strengthen our capacity to capture results for communicating impact and making strategic decisions; analysis of strengths and gaps in current capacity for successful implementation of ME&L system at organization and department/regional levels.


For further details contact Amelia Holstrom

Closing Date: 10 February 2023