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Date(s) - 15/11/2022




GNDR ( is seeking a consultant to facilitate a mid-term review with our key stakeholders on the progress made so far against our five year strategy (2020-2025).

Scope of the review:

  • The mid-term review should assess the overall performance of GNDR in line with our values, principles, roles and against the key outcomes. This should be done with a view to identifying options to deepen impact in the last two years of the current strategic plan as well as identify and highlight key elements where targets are not met. It is important to also review the relevance of the current goals in the current strategy period and beyond this strategy period.
  • The mid-term review should also assess the performance of the Secretariat and Global Board and provide further input to strengthen the performance of the Secretariat as well as strengthen the governance of the network
  • The mid-term review should provide an opportunity to hear how we are doing as a network from the perspective of National Focal Points (NFPS) and Board members as well as external stakeholders viz. Donor, Partners, Members and other networks.
  • The mid-term review should be facilitated through a learning process by which we use our critical learning questions to better understand our roles in the sector.
  • The mid-term review should also provide reflections on what should be prioritised in the second half of the strategy implementation.


This mid-term review serves the following purposes:-

  1. Test assumptions and provide recommendations for strategic decision making on the implementation of the final 2 years of our strategic plans
  2. Provide accountability towards stakeholders in terms of progress against the strategic plan
  3. Supporting the ongoing learning and development of GNDR and guide the focus of GNDR’s work in the second half of the strategy roll out.

The audience will be the GNDR secretariat, GNDR Board, network members, donors and partners.

Deadline for applications is 15th November with interviews taking place during the first week of December 2022. A multilingual selection panel composed of GNDR staff will conduct the interviews. It is expected that the review will commence in January 2023.

Invitation to tender