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Date(s) - 30/04/2024


The evaluation is scheduled to run ideally from May to July 2024 and aims to comprehensively assess the project’s performance throughout 2023. For additional information, please refer to the Attached ToR. Interested candidates can request the LogFrame and other relevant documents to aid in the preparation of their proposals.

Interested candidates are requested to submit their application materials by the 30th of April via email to María Pérez Díaz (

Application materials should include:

1. Curricula Vitae (CV) of the evaluation team. 2. Minimum two references of successfully conducted relevant evaluations. 3. Technical Offer: Description of the methodology to be employed, approach, tentative work schedule, evaluation team profile, their role, experience, and availability for the defined period. 4. Financial Offer: Fully loaded cost of all activities for conducting the evaluation, quoted with and without tax (no additional reimbursements or costs of logistics shall be invoiced separately).

Your interest and participation in this endeavor are highly appreciated.