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Date(s) - 16/09/2022
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A preliminary internal Evaluation Office review of UNICEF evaluations, research, studies, and descriptive assessments conducted between 2015 and 2021 shows that advocacy has frequently been included as a
4 component of global, regional, and country programmes. However, no systematic assessment has been conducted to explore its contributions to UNICEF results. This preliminary mapping shows that only four
evaluations, one conducted at the global level6 and three at the country level, had direct advocacy focus7 and eight research papers were produced to inform policy advocacy efforts, at the field level.8

The recent Humanitarian Review carried out by UNICEF included advocacy as a key component of UNICEF’s work in humanitarian action. In addition, it is understood that UNICEF National Committees (NatComs) have
conducted some advocacy evaluations that will hold meaningful lessons. These will be identified and examined in the inception phase.

The recent 2021 MOPAN assessment of UNICEF describes the progress made in strategic partnerships with the private sector for advocacy purposes and “a robust structure and processes to fulfil its mandate for
knowledge production and policy advocacy”9 . It also acknowledges the challenges to measure and to quantify normative advocacy efforts using the existing corporate monitoring system. These challenges are
likely to create more inconsistencies around the quality of the policy advocacy evidence and knowledge produced at the field-level, an issue consistently found in decentralized organizations like UNICEF.10.

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