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Date(s) - 26/09/2022
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International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)



Building on the momentum of IUCN World Conservation Congresses, IUCN has launched the IUCN Leaders Forum, a new series of high-level events, to convene global leaders more frequently on key topics of relevance to the international agenda. The first edition of the IUCN Leaders Forum, organised by IUCN together with the Korean Ministry of Environment and Jeju Self-governing Province, will be held in Jeju, Republic of Korea from 13 – 15 October 2022. It will focus on ‘Building nature-positive economies and societies’.

The IUCN Leaders Forum is an annual event, gathering leaders and changemakers from around the world, in-person, to discuss innovative solutions to critical global challenges, make bold commitments, build partnerships and catalyse action for impactful change in nature conservation and sustainability.

We are seeking a consultant or team to undertake an evaluation of the IUCN Leaders Forum.


The main purpose of the evaluation is to assess the extent to which the IUCN Leaders Forum as it is currently conceived is an effective vehicle for driving change in the conservation agenda and whether the event itself has been optimized in terms of relevance, effectiveness and efficiency.

To that end, the specific objectives of the evaluation are:

  1. To measure the satisfaction of participants with the Leaders Forum;
  2. To assess the efficiency of the organization and management of the Leaders Forum;
  3. To assess the effectiveness of the event in terms of achieving its objectives

Please note that the evaluator’s attendance at the event is optional, as we understand that it may not be possible to organize travel at short notice (the event takes place 13-15 October 2022 in Jeju, Republic of Korea).

Invitation to Tender

Closing Date: 26 September 2022