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Date(s) - 28/06/2024



GSMA is commissioning a formative evaluation on strengthening climate action through digitalisation. This project will be managed by the Mobile for Development (M4D)’s Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL) team, and they’re seeking a firm with research and evaluation capacity around climate action and digitalisation. It is expected that this work should encompass research and evaluation in an iterative process to understand:

  • In what ways digital solutions can expect to contribute to climate action – including mitigation, adaptation and resilience.
  • The totality of M4D’s climate portfolio, and the extent to which M4D’s climate work has contributed to climate action or would have the potential to, in the future, with different programme design models.

Intention to submit a proposal should be submitted no later than 16:00 on Friday, 28 June. Further details are on the attachment.

GSMA Formative Evaluation – Strengthening Climate Action through Digitalisation RFP