External Evaluation of #CoronavirusFacts: Addressing the ‘Disinfodemic’ on Covid-19 in conflict-prone environments

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Date(s) - 16/09/2021
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The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has launched a Request for Quotations for “External Evaluation of #CoronavirusFacts: Addressing the ‘Disinfodemic’ on Covid-19 in conflict-prone environments” (RFQ/CI/FEJ/2021/84), which we would invite you to consult and, the case being, to submit an offer.

You are hereby invited to submit a quotation as per the attached Terms of Reference issued by UNESCO, Paris. This RFQ is part of UNESCO’s procurement activities within the EU-funded project project “#CoronavirusFacts: Addressing the ‘Disinfodemic’ on COVID-19 in conflict-prone environments”.

You are kindly requested to acknowledge receipt of the documents and to confirm your intention to participate in the bidding.

This letter is not to be construed in any way as an offer to contract with your firm/institution. Your proposal could, however, form the basis for a contract between your company and UNESCO.

To facilitate a smooth and efficient procurement process, it is imperative to adhere to the following points:

Your electronic proposal must be submitted in two separate files (one technical proposal and one financial proposal) in compliance with the instructions as stipulated in the Solicitation Documents before 16 September 23h00 Paris time (21h00 UTC) as following:

It should comprise a technical proposal and a financial proposal in separate files. It shall be shared in a PDF format.

The files must be addressed only to the UNESCO dedicated e-mail address: fej@unesco.org without any copy to any other e-mail addresses. Offers addressed at any other e-mail accounts will be disqualified. It should also be noted that all files together should not exceed 10 M per email.