External evaluator for the project “Tackling Security Force Abuses”

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Date(s) - 21/05/2021


The European Human Rights Advocacy Centre is looking for an external evaluator to conduct a mid-term and final project external evaluation of a project. The mid-term evaluation (to be completed by the end of September 2021) should be internally/ operation focused, exploring project delivery, identifying lessons and developing recommendations with our team for year two of the project.  The final evaluation should be completed by the project end date (currently 30 September 2022) and should focus on achievement of objectives, results and identifying any (potential) outcomes.


Project summary

In 2020 we began a new two-year project titled “Tackling Security Force Abuses”. The project will seek to build the capacity of human rights lawyers in our target region to seek justice and advocate for the resolution of enforced disappearances and other abuses perpetrated (or allegedly perpetrated) by security forces. Working closely with local partners, CSOs and international experts, EHRAC will carry out legal advocacy activities before international human rights fora; deliver a training and mentoring programme to lawyers; organise international workshops to exchange experiences; and develop resources to ensure they can effectively seek redress, challenge impunity and advocate for change.

Closing date is 21 May 2021. Further details, including how to apply can be found here: