Global Health Idea Lab Virtual Summit

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Date(s) - 04/11/2022


Unite for Sight


Date: Friday 4 November 2022

Location: online


The 2nd Annual Global Health Idea Lab Virtual Summit embraces and nurtures diverse talents, creativity, curiosity, and collaboration. We dive deep into the complexities, impact, challenges, joys, and lessons learned in global health, innovation, education, and social impact. Join this unique forum where everyone is inspired to dive deep, to have meaningful conversations, and to embrace our collective extraordinary potential for growth and impact.

This year’s event includes seven phenomenal plenary panel conversations with 4-6 thought leaders in each. Each session is an in-depth conversation, with no lectures, memorized talks, or PowerPoints. The sessions are not siloed based on discrete topics, but instead the conference is designed as a unique forum and exchange of ideas across disciplines.


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