Interim Review & Final Project Evaluation: Integrity in climate initiatives

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Date(s) - 25/02/2021
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The Transparency International Secretariat (TI-S)1 in Berlin is seeking a French-speaking consultant to: prepare an interim review and final project evaluation of the “Integrity in climate initiatives such as REDD+” project, as part of its contractual obligation with the donor. The work will take place in March-December 2021 (two work periods).


The main purpose of the interim and final evaluation exercise is to provide an external and independent review that assesses the performance and achievements in meeting the expected results and contributing to positive changes.
The evaluation will be conducted in two phases: an initial phase to produce an interim report and recommendations, and a final review (a few months later) that will build on the interim phase and serve as the final project evaluation.
The evaluation will assess whether the project lead to any unforeseen positive or negative results, especially around climate/environment, youth and gender. The assessment will stimulate learning and inform TI’s future work on the topic and in the region.

  • The interim and the final reviews should focus on the following objectives:
  • Provide an objective assessment of the achievements and results, weaknesses and strengths of the project.
  • Assessing the progress of the project in terms of its performance along the lines of relevance, outcomes and impacts, effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability (see below for further details).
  • Producing a clear diagnosis of the project’s status quo. This should include updating the project logical framework with the data corresponding to the indicators being reviewed. This diagnosis will be used as the baseline for the project’s monitoring in the final stage of the project’s cycle.
  • Producing actionable recommendations on how to improve: 1) on the delivery against the projects objectives during the final phase of the project and 2) on monitoring in the final stage of the project’s cycle and suggest data collection tools and approaches that can easily be mainstreamed to realistically sustain an impact-oriented monitoring system.

All evaluation deliverables are to be submitted in French, except the Executive Summary in English, in electronic form.
For more information, please see the terms of reference on our website.

Application Closing Date: 25 February 2021
Consultancy Start and End Date: March and December 2021
Location of Consultancy: remote/home-based

For questions, please contact