KM4DEV Knowledge Cafe 12: Value creation for communities and networks

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Date(s) - 28/01/2021


KM4Dev, is holding its 12th monthly knowledge cafe this week. On January 28th at 4pm CET, we will be looking at “Value creation in communities and networks” featuring Bev and Etienne Wenger-Trayner and their new book Learning to make a difference: value creation in social learning spaces, together with Gladys Kemboi, Alice van der Elstraeten, Ilaria Urbani, Chris Zielinski and others. These knowledge cafes were started to celebrate KM4dev’s 20th Birthday in 2020 but we are continuing with this new tradition.

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For those of you who might have been irregular visitors to KM4Dev in the past, I also wanted to inform you that the KM4Dev discussion list migrated in December and can now be found here: You are welcome to join us there.