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Date(s) - 01/02/2023


Leap4Peace Consortium


The LEAP4Peace Consortium is looking for a team of external consultants to conduct a Mid-Term Review of our programme.

The purpose of this review will be to generate insight to help towards learning and steering of the programme. The review will evaluate the implementation of interventions and the achievement of (intermediate) outcome results in LEAP4Peace for the period between 2021 and mid-2023.

This will be done through a desk study; analyses of key documents; field visits; and interviews with the steering committee, staff, partners and stakeholders,

We are therefore looking for team of 2-3 people (drawn from an independent firm or organization) with extensive experience in process and performance evaluations of democracy assistance, political empowerment programmes. The team should demonstrate expertise and specialist knowledge on women’s political participation, gender equality, democratization and political inclusion processes

Bidders are requested to prepare a Technical and Financial Proposal. To apply, please send your bid to Nic van der Jagt, MEL Advisor, NIMD at

Inivtation to Tender

Closing Date: 1 February 2023