Lessons from Nordic and the Netherlands’ ex-post project evaluations

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Date(s) - 14/01/2021
All Day


Join Jindra Cekan (Valuing Voices) and Preston Stewart (Harvard College) for findings from a study of ex-post evaluations in Nordic nations.

About this Event

We believe sustainable development is proven when aid donors return to measure the long-term sustainability of their projects 2+ years after full exit. We searched donor databases of Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark and the Netherlands to identify “ex-post evaluations” of public projects. These evaluate the durability of project outcomes and impacts.

There were a lessons from all 15 ex-posts found, including 1) the search process, 2) how ex-post evaluations are defined and categorized, 3) what was done well by each country’s ex-posts, 4) sustainability-related findings and lessons, and 5) what M&E experts in each country can improve on ex-post evaluation practices.

Jindra Monique Cekan/ova, Ph.D. has 33 years in international development, founded Valuing Voices in 2013 and lives in the Czech Republic. Preston Stewart is an intern with Valuing Voices and is a junior at Harvard College USA.