MEL Framework Review – Transparency International Indo-Pacific STRONGG

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Date(s) - 29/10/2021 - 03/11/2021


Transparency International (TI) is the global civil society organisation leading the fight against corruption. Through more than 100 chapters worldwide and an international secretariat in Berlin, Germany, TI raises awareness of the damaging effects of corruption and works with partners in government, business, and civil society to develop and implement effective measures to tackle it.

TI is currently implementing the Indo-Pacific Partnership for Strong, Transparent, Responsive & Open Networks for Good Governance (IPP STRONGG) 2020 – 2023. The project aims to contribute to reduced corruption in the region by empowering a strong and independent civil society voice and network that can mobilise action in support of increased accountability of public and private institutions nationally and regionally.

The TI IPP STRONGG Monitoring Evaluation and Learning (MEL) Framework was developed in 2020 during the first year of the programme, in parallel to the development of national project initiatives and at the same time as the creation of a baseline report. Targets were set in early 2021, and partners completed a first round of reporting.

The baseline report recommended that indicators be reviewed after the first year of use to test their applicability, and given the development of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, such a review seems particularly appropriate. The programme is now seeking follow up input and MEL expertise to adjust and further develop the framework itself as well as complementary tools or templates to facilitate its improved implementation.

Application Closing Date: 2 November 2021
Consultancy Start and End Date: 8 November – 17 December 2021

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