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Date(s) - 05/12/2023


Date: 5th December 2023
Time: 05:00 PM in London

Equity is fundamental for a just society, aiming for a fair distribution of opportunities and resources for all. It becomes more significant when addressing the specific needs of marginalized or underprivileged communities to correct systemic imbalances.

Are you leveraging data to address the challenges that marginalized communities face? Join our webinar to learn how to drive change toward equitable resource distribution through informed decisions.

In this webinar session, we will explore:
1. How nonprofits can turn existing data into effective program reporting.
2. How to combine qualitative and quantitative data to understand program effectiveness.
3. How to develop a clear data strategy to encourage continuous improvement
4. How to reduce perpetual dependency on funders by shifting from a donor-centric model to an impact-driven model.

Who should attend?
This webinar is tailored for nonprofits ready to challenge the status quo and aim for a more equitable future for the underserved.

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