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Date(s) - 05/09/2022
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Date(s): 5 – 7 September 2022

Time: 3 days

Location: Appleton Resort, Narobi

While a solid needs assessment does not always ensure a good project, a lack of one nearly always assures a bad one! Assessments are an important part of the project cycle since they give information on how choices will be made. This training helps participants enhance the quality of their needs assessments and, as a result, the relevance of any interventions that may follow.

The course focuses on the multiple actions that must be accomplished during the assessment process, as well as the tactics and tools used to optimize data collection during stakeholder interviews. Whenever possible, the training includes a one-day “field” exercise to practice newly acquired abilities. If a field exercise is not feasible, a case study is used instead.

Intended Attendees

The course will benefit persons who are new to project management, or have experience but have not yet obtained training, in particular, program managers, coordinators, field and all staff involved in needs assessments and managers supervising these assessments.


This course is delivered through interactive lectures, case studies, and simulations that aim to provide competency and skills to technical staff to create cutting-edge humanitarian supply chain systems in their organizations.


Participants will be familiar with the assessment principle and method at the end of the course. They can get information from important stakeholders by preparing and using the proper tools.

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