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Date(s) - 25/06/2022
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AIDA Project

 Contract Type: Individual Contract

Location: Home based

Under the supervision of AIDA project lead, the Research Assistant will undertake the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Support the team during the Proof of Concept and providing feedback to the potential engaged vendors.
  • Preparing training data sets as required for PoC and project implementation.
  • Support outreach and use of AIDA.


I. PoC, Model training and development of training dataset

  • Support project team during Proof of Concept (PoC) implementation phase of section of AIDA phase 2.
  • Human feedback to the machine learning model output (human in the loop).
  • Preparation of Sentiment Analysis training Data.
  • Preparation of secondary of datasets for AIDA phase 2.
  • Human-in-loop: review labels and classification applied by AI model to at least 150 evaluation reports.
  • Develop Sentiment Analysis Training Dataset with minimum of 500 records.

II. Project implementation

  • Support AIDA Phase 2 project team to review vendor output and participate in iterative phases during project development as required by project team.
  • Review AI generated sentiment evaluation paragraphs as required by project team.
  • Review of AI correlation and patterns of primary and secondary dataset as required by project team.
  • Development additional training dataset as required by project team.
  • Review of AI generated Insights as required by project team.

III. Support outreach and use of AIDA

  • Support project team in presentation of AIDA to different user groups. Prepare supporting documentation for presentation and outreach events.
  • Support project team is developing documentation on use of AIDA. Liaise with evaluation and research team to develop AIDA use cases.

Further details

Closing date: 25 May 2022