RFP Evaluation consultants, India, SHR and AGYW expertise for AJWS

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Date(s) - 13/01/2022


American Jewish World Service (AJWS) is hiring for 2 consultancies. Interested applicants may apply for 1 or both:


AJWS is look for an evaluation consultant with expertise in assessing strategic progress related to grassrooted, feminist, and systemic models of change that focus on improving adolescent girls’ and young women’s lives in India (in particular girls and women’s collectives). (See attached RFP for Collectives).

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AJWS is look for a research consultant with deep expertise in social movements in India (e.g., women’s and labor). We are interested in understanding the landscape of adolescent girls’ and young women’s issues within social movements in India. (See attached RFP for Movements).

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Deadline for applicants is 13 January 2022.