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Date(s) - 01/09/2021
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The IKEA Foundation and Save the Children have fostered a successful partnership to develop global humanitarian capacity over the last four years that has resulted in the development and implementation of a range of activities designed to span the Humanitarian Career Continuum, with the aim to provide humanitarians the opportunity to undergo career-long learning and professional development, helping to meet the critical level of capacity strengthening needed in the humanitarian system.

Our commitment to IKEA Foundation was to strengthen local, national, and regional capacities to prevent, manage and respond to crises. By working with individuals across the Humanitarian Career Continuum, the aim was to strengthen their own capability, their organisations and, in result, improving the quality of humanitarian action and ultimately to serve communities affected by crisis better.

Save the Children’s Humanitarian Leadership Academy (HLA) is a dedicated unit centred on enabling people to prepare for and respond to crisis acting quickly and effectively together to save lives. The work of the HLA is focused on strengthening the capacity of national and local humanitarian actors who are critical to the success of humanitarian action. The HLA is managing the portfolio of programmes funded by the IKEA Foundation.

The main purpose of this impact evaluation is to independently measure changes that can be attributed to the current portfolio supported primarily by funding from the IKEA Foundation.

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