“Sustained Exit? Prove it or Improve it!” – an interactive webinar

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Date(s) - 06/11/2020
14:30 - 17:00


Jindra Cekan/ova, PhD presents “Sustained Exit? Prove it or Improve it!” – an interactive webinar:


Please join us for an interactive webinar 6 Nov, 2:30-5pm CEST. It is an expanded, interactive version of the very well received one I did for the Vienna Evaluation Network on 1 Oct.  One participant stated: “Superb talk, really! I found it one of the more interesting and important talks I heard recently, and I hear many. This is great work.”

Having spent the first 15 years of my career working on ‘resilient food security’, and 7 years doing and learning about ex-post evaluations and sustained impacts, the Gates’ Foundation’s recent finding was shocking: that “COVID erased 25 years of development in 25 weeks.” My webinar asks, how “Sustainable” is our global development if resilience to this shock was so low among our aid partners and participants? We need to Exit FOR Sustainability.”

We will draw on existing project/ programme exit research and ex-post sustainability lessons in online groups. Think of 1 project you’d like to improve to foster locally sustainable exit and we will use checklists to Fund, Design, Implement, Monitor, and Evaluate for Sustainable Development that includes Resources, Capacities, Partnerships, Benchmarking, Adaptation, and much more. An array of resources for those who join. Payment along a sliding scale.


Warmly, Jindra