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Date(s) - 09/01/2023 - 20/01/2023


Afriex Training Ltd

This is a general training targeting a variety of program staff, management team members and thematic staff, Project Management Officials, government officials, program managers; policy makers and program implementers; development practitioners and activists and NGO and CSO members,

Monitoring, evaluation, accountability, and learning (MEAL) are part of everyday program management and are critical to the success of all. Without an effective MEAL system we would be unable to track progress, make adjustments, discover unplanned effects of program, or judge the impact that we have made on the lives of those with whom we are working. It also helps individuals and teams to be accountable to stakeholders through information sharing and developing a complaints or feedback mechanism which can help to guide program implementation. This training introduces participants to MEAL concepts and practices.  It will stimulate ideas on how to design and implement monitoring and evaluation processes that strengthen accountability and learning, and so promote project, program and strategy effectiveness

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