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OpenEconomics assists private companies, governments and international institutions in evaluating the economic, social, and environmental effects of policies, programs and projects.
The company provides in depth studies concerning all aspects of the social and environmental performance of corporates’ entities and projects, with special attention to the contribution to mitigation of climate change in terms of non-financial performance indicators.
To this aim, OpenEconomics designs and applies state of the art economic models of the economy, in line with the best practices adopted by the multilateral and supranational organizations, with the aim to provide rigorous and reliable impact evaluation of programs and projects.

OpenEconomics has been developing a unique experience of analytical work and assistance in supporting private investors for projects related to climate change, circular economy and socioeconomic development. The company assists its clients in optimizing the blending between private and public funds and in utilizing structured finance instruments for complex projects through tenders and negotiated procedures.


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Address: Via Vitorchiano, 123, 00189, Rome, Italy